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Indonesia Gelato Competition The Experience of Indonesia's Gelato Taste

The first and largest Gelato competition in Indonesia, where participants are challenged to create one Gelato Flavour creation that reflects Indonesia's taste. This event is a part of Indonesia Gelato Expo 2017 that will be held in two big cities of Indonesia: Surabaya and Jakarta. Aiming to be the most prestigious competition, Indonesia Gelato Competition 1.0 will be officially launched in East Food Indonesia on August 9-12, 2017. Everyone who has interest in Gelato, from Gelato Chefs to Gelato Lovers, are cordially invited to enter this Open Competition and register themselves online through Gelatocompetition.com starting June 01, 2017 - July 30, 2017. We also facilitate Gelato Enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to improve their knowledge and skills by attending our 3-Day Gelato Making Class.

On the competition days, 36 qualified Gelato Finalists will compete to collect scores in five judging criteria: Texture, Taste, Cleanliness, Composition and Sales. The total prize of Rp15.000.000 will be awarded to the Indonesia Gelato Competiton Winners who invent The Best Gelato Flavour Creation.


Chefs, restaurateurs, students and gelato fans will compete to see whose Gelato Flavour reflects Indonesia's taste.
This Open Competition is limited to the fully qualified applicants.


Gelato Chefs or Gelato Shop Owners
As a part of Gelato Shop, they will have big opportunities to promote their brand.
Hospitality Students or Gelato Enthusiast
By entering the competition, they will earn publicity for the sake of their future business.


Visual Appeal
Judged on entire body of work, finalists must present their Indonesia's Gelato Flavour in an artistic and appealing decoration.
Flavour & Consistency
Besides the Gelato flavour, the judges are looking to award the best Indonesia's Gelato Flavour with a perfect soft consistency.


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9-12 August 2017


20-25 November 2017

Gelato ProductCreate your own Gelato Flavour potentially standing out in a crowded market

Rich Taste of Indonesia

Reflect Indonesia's culinary heritage through your Gelato creation

Utterly Unique

Invent a new, unique taste of Gelato Flavour to keep ahead of the competition

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Value for Money

Deliver great value products that influence consumer buying decisions

Market-Driven Product

Understand market demand to fulfill the customer wants and needs

Scoring SectionsThe Best Gelato Flavour Creation will be selected based on these five judging criteria






Gelato Making ClassDedicated to those approaching the Gelato world for the first time as well as current business owners who want to improve on fine tuning recipes

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Machine & Materials

Explaning the necessary equipment and essential raw materials used for the production of Gelato.

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Production Process

Demonstrating stages of the production cycle followed by producing a couple of Gelato flavours.

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Business Plan

Developing a great business plan (sales & marketing) before introducing a new Gelato Business.

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Business NeedsEverything you need to build an amazing Gelato Business

BN 1 13
Gelato Ingredients

Beside mastering your Gelato making skills, remember that great Gelato begins with great ingredients

BN 8 13
Gelato Machine

Invest in a Gelato Machine to produce Gelato with reputation for exceptionally high quality standards

BN 2 13
Blast Freezer

Used to preserve Gelato at a very low temperature to prevent the growth of microorganisms

BN 5 13
Chest Freezer

Insulated to keep Gelato fresh and cold, perfect for back-of-house bulk storage at your Gelato shop

BN 3 13
Gelato Booth

Design the best layout for your Gelato Booth to suit your business model and budget as well

BN 7 13
Gelato Showcase

Perfect to showcase multiple Gelato flavours in the most appealing and appetizing way possible

BN 6 13
Gelato Utensils

Shop the most needful and useful Gelato utensils that help you serve Gelato for your customers

BN 4 13
POS System

Keep your Gelato Shop in check with POS System, from managing inventory to monitoring sales

BN 9 13
Kitchen Sink

Have a high quality, long lasting, comfortable & reliable sink is essential for every Gelato shop

BN 10 13
Cleaning Supplies

Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation is the most important aspect of any successful Gelato business

BN 11 13
Uniform & Apron

Outfitting your employees with the right apparel for your brand ensures you make the best impression

BN 12 13
Gelato Packaging

Creative and innovative packaging design will make your Gelato products even more attractive

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